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Normal verses Abnormal Function

Sometimes it is difficult to understand why our bodies' seem to be malfunctioning.  If we say to ourselves that we have a "cold", then the question must be asked "why?"  If our body is truly a self-maintaining and self-healing organism, then we should be able to defend ourselves against sickness and disease.

The answer is that something must be interfering with our body's own innate ability to be healthy.  Something must be getting in the way of the normal "function" of our body that allows sickness and disease to occur.  In chiropractic we recognize that one of the largest interferences to your ability to function properly occurs at you nervous system in the form of vertebral subluxations.

Subluxations are interferences to the function of your nervous system caused in various ways by your spinal structures. To understand more about subluxations please click here, then return by using your back button.  This happens because subluxations interfere with the normal nerve transmission between brain cell and tissue cell.  Since it is the job of the brain and nervous system to control and coordinate all functions in your body, you can see how any interference to the nervous system can have a drastic affect on function.

The Doctor of Chiropractic is the only trained professional who has the expertise to locate and work to correct your subluxations.



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